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My physio recommended Lavinia’s classes to strengthen my back.  I am only able to attend one class per week, but even this had made a huge difference.  I am more supple and my back feels much stronger.  I can highly recommend Lotte Berk classes – and Lavinia!’  ‘The classes are great, no matter what your ability.  Lavinia will work with you, at your speed to ensure you don’t feel out of your depth.  You can have fun, but you certainly feel as though you have worked out afterwards.’  Simone


“Lavinia is an inspiration as to the benefits of the Lotte Berk regime of exercise.  Classes are kept deliberately small, and are held in a delightful, well-equipped, purpose-built studio.  Each hour-long class incorporates a mixture of specific exercises designed to stretch and strengthen the body,  whilst being demonstrated and overseen by an ever-vigilant Lavinia!  One emerges at the end of each session with a feeling of well-being that comes from a good workout!”  Anne

“It's a weird thing, but after one of Lavinia's classes, things to do (which never seem to get done before) suddenly get done easily.  There must be some sort of magic 'energiser ingredient' to the classes...  “ Louise  

“Having "the usual" wear and tear problems with my joints my physio suggested I try Lotte Berke classes....Lotte who??? Of course it took me months to get round to doing something about making contact. Once I made the effort, there's been no going back. Should have done it years ago. I feel so much better. It's a great way to exercise and the big bonus is my joint problems are not nearly so bad. The week doesn't seem complete until I've been to my class.”  Alison

An excellent and enjoyable form of exercise. Seems deceptively easy, although you work every muscle and you definitely know you have had a good workout by the end. Excellent for core strength. I try to fit in two sessions a week.  Caroline




"If you want to keep a youthful figure forever, you can"